1. Parties

1.1. The iDevex Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "Use Contract") consisting of the addendum, which is an integral part of the contract and the contract, between "Idev technolabs" and the "User" who is a member of the Site, when it becomes a member in the media, it is aimed to specify mutual rights and obligations while using the services offered on the Site. The Agreement shall enter into force upon acceptance by the User in electronic form and shall remain in force until terminated by the parties in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Contract.

2. Definitions

In this contract,


2.2. Crypto Money - Digital values ​​that allow for secure transactions in cryptographic / encrypted and additional virtual money supply are called crypto money. Crypto money, alternative currencies, digital and virtual paradoxes. Unlike central electronic money and banking systems, crypto money is decentralized. Control of this decentralized structure is performed by Block Chain transaction databases. (*)

2.3 Crypto Money Wall - A computer file that holds the user's crypto money addresses and their passwords. Transfer between these addresses can be performed. Cryptographic addresses are randomly generated cryptographic public key pairs.

2.4. User - Any person or entity that is a member of the Site and makes use of the services offered on the Site.

2.5. Site - This website is made up of domain and its sub-domain names.

3. The Subject and Scope of the Convention

3.1. This Contract is designed to determine the rights and obligations of the parties with respect to the terms and conditions of benefiting from the Site which allows Users to buy and sell crypto money.

3.2. The terms of use, terms and conditions presented to Users by the Company in relation to the use of the Site are also an integral part of this Agreement and constitute the entire rights and obligations of the parties with the rights and obligations contained herein.

4. Rights and Obligations

The user declares the information requested by iDevex in full, accurate and up-to-date manner in order to benefit from this tool. iDevex has the right to revoke, suspend or suspend the User's account at any time without notice, by unilaterally terminating the contract due to the fact that such information is incomplete or untrue or not up-to-date. In this case, the User acknowledges and undertakes that he will not have any requests from iDevex.

4.1. (Except for the content and applications provided by the third parties) of all services, domain names, software codes, interfaces, content, product reviews, videos, algorithms, drawings, models, designs and other intellectual property rights of iDevex Technology Joint Stock Company. The software, design and copyright of the submitted services are entirely owned by iDevex. The services and services are not allowed to be copied, duplicated, disseminated, or otherwise reverse engineered.

4.2. Kullanıc of; his account and rights to third parties, sell his own membership to anyone under any name or name. In this case iDevex has the right to cancel, suspend or suspend the User's account. The user's crypto money assets are not affected by this situation.

4.3. The User is responsible for the correctness and confidentiality of the information provided while registering to the Site, and for the protection of the password and the User's name from being shared with anyone else. iDevex accepts no liability for the unauthorized use of this information and the use of iDevex services.

4.4. The iDevex board members, managers, employees and persons who prepare the information contained in this site have no legal or criminal liability due to any loss or damage caused or arising out of the User's fault.

4.5. Users may only operate on the Site for lawful purposes. If users are found to be in breach of the law, iDevex is not in any way liable and has the right to apply for any legal remedies and to take necessary security measures.

4.6. The legal and criminal liability in every transaction and action that the users make using the services they receive on the Site belongs to them. iDevex does not have any legal or administrative responsibility.

4.7. Users fill out a member form to be accountable on the site. They have to certify the identity and address information of the users who want to do the transaction. Otherwise, the right of iDevex to stop trading or to stop the account is unilaterally reserved.

4.8. iDevex has the right to refund the money transfers made by the Users if transactions are suspected.

4.9. Deposits must be made from a bank account registered under the same name as the User.

4.10. ATMs should not be transferred via cardless banking methods. In the event that such transactions are found, iDevex shall have the right to return such transfers.

4.11. iDevex shall not be liable for any damage or loss that may arise or be incurred if transactions are made outside of the stated times during the deposits and withdrawals.

4.12. iDevex has refused to do so and has requested that the transfers do not provide credentials and request the bank account information of the person performing the transfer.

4.13. iDevex unilaterally reserves the right to make changes to the deposit and withdrawal rules. Deposit and withdrawal rules are the entire set of warnings and rules on the site's help pages and other pages.

4.14. iDevex support services are available only through [email protected]. iDevex does not provide support services to users with a method other than this e-mail address, does not ask for password in support letters, does not give a crypto money address for sending crypto money from users. This is a notification and iDevex can not be held responsible for any damage or loss suffered by the User due to an e-mail sent from a name outside the e-mail address.

4.15. Users must ensure the security of their accounts. Recommended safety precautions;

4.15.1. Use a strong password

4.15.2. Username and password not shared with anyone

4.15.3. Use of site-only encryption on Site only

4.15.4. The site is always connected via "https" and the site is checked for "" or "".

iDevex can in no way be held liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the User, even if such security measures are advisory and the said security precautions have been taken.

4.16. iDevex is a crypto money buying and selling platform. Users on the Site receive or sell crypto currencies by auctioning or auctioning each other. iDevex is a vehicle. iDevex does not set prices on the site. iDevex can not be held responsible for damages or loss suffered by the Users due to changes in prices and damages arising or arising.

4.17. iDevex is an independent company from similar buy and sell platforms and is not a representative of any organization. iDevex can in no way be held responsible for any purchase transactions made by a user on a trading platform other than iDevex, and for damages arising from or arising from such transactions.

4.18. There are certain risks associated with investing in cryptographic currencies. Users declare and undertake that they understand the risks of investing in cryptographic currencies by acceptance and approval of this contract and that they will not hold iDevex responsible for any damages or losses that may or may be caused by the investment. Users are responsible for the profits and losses from price changes. Users can not claim any rights from iDevex in the event of a loss or damage.

4.19. It is not technically possible to see how the crypto money purchased on iDevex is used, where and for what purpose it was transferred, whether it was used in a crime. iDevex can not be held responsible for the damage or loss of the User or third parties arising from the abuse of the crypto money, or for the damages of the ninety or positive.

The user agrees in advance that he will be responsible for all civil and criminal liability arising out of the use of the site for purposes contrary to law and legislation and the use of the site for purposes contrary to law and law.

4.20. Users are responsible for legal responsibilities and tax liabilities related to the use of crypto money. iDevex can not be held liable for the tax liabilities of the Users arising from the gains and losses.

4.21. iDevex, On accounts held on behalf of users an accomplished merchant for the security of crypto money to show maximum self-esteem. User belongs crypto money internet against any cyber attack it is stored in cold storage. But iDevex can still happen despite all these efforts iDevex is responsible for theft / fraud

4.22. Users must be over 18 years old. 18 years by the Republic of Japan is determined according to the Central Population Management System. The user declares and undertakes that he / she is over 18 years old under the contract. iDevex has the right to terminate / suspend without notice the User's accounts for any reason that the owner has determined that he is under 18 or is under 18 years of age. The User undertaking to be over 18 years of age is officially responsible for the accuracy of all reported information. iDevex rely on this statement and act accordingly.

4.23. Each User can only have one User account. The User may use the Site only for the purpose of utilizing the services defined in this contract. iDevex has the right to terminate / suspend related User accounts without notice if more than one User account is used by the same person.

4.24. iDevex may cancel or reverse these transactions in order to correct the system and ensure correct operation, in cases where transactions are made at unrealistic prices due to technical errors. These User Accounts may be frozen during cancellation and withdrawal, if any payment has been made, the unfair disbursement may be requested, and iDevex shall have the right to resort to any legal remedy if it is not returned. iDevex can not be held responsible for such transactions and can not be claimed.

4.25. iDevex can not be held responsible for any technical malfunctions that may occur in the website. iDevex can not be held responsible for any damage that may be born or born directly or indirectly due to short-term or long-term technical malfunctions.

4.26. Users are entitled to freeze, shut down and resort to legal remedies of iDevexx's account in the face of disrespectful and insulting conduct in verbal and written communications with iDevexx.

5. Legal and Criminal Law

5.1. In the event that the Site is used by the User for any unlawful purpose, the User shall be liable for all legal and criminal liabilities to be incurred under the terms of the contract. It acknowledges, declares and undertakes that the iDevex is irresponsible in this respect. Freezing, permanent or temporary deletion of the user's account by iDevex, suspension, etc. Because of this, iDevex has the right to forbid this person to recalculate for an indefinite period of time.

5.2. The user undertakes to use the Site or the Republic of Japan within the scope of the law and all regulations. In case of illegal usage; iDevex has the right and the authority to share all information belonging to the User with the competent authorities. This shall not be construed as a breach of confidentiality and no liability to iDevex can be attributed.

5.3. The User undertakes to use the iDevex name and / or logo to ensure that iDevex will not be found to be infringing on commercial reputation or unfair competition. This commitment includes all kinds of written and visual media and all social media institutions. In the event of a breach of this Article, iDevex shall have the right to unilaterally terminate the Contract, to suspend the User's account, to suspend or to delete the Contract without prior notice. In the same way iDevex will use any compensation for the violation of this Article against the User. The user acknowledges, declares and undertakes that he / she waives all irrevocable claims in advance of all objections and demands due to the application of this article.

5.4. iDevex reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently suspend the account of the User for which the suspicious transaction attempt has been detected in respect of the stock market workflow and software security, to suspend, suspend, suspend, temporarily or permanently close User accounts performing suspicious transactions. Due to the application of this article by iDevex in the framework of honesty and goodwill rules, no legal or criminal action can be taken against iDevex.

5.5. iDevex reserves the right to temporarily or permanently close accounts of Users which use the expressions that are inconsistent with the rules of morals and honesty in correspondence with the support line and to suspend, freeze or permanently close those users' accounts. The legal and criminal liability of iDevex can not be exploited by iDevex because of the application of this article under the principles of honesty and goodwill.

6. Charging

6.1. iDevex will announce fees for the Services in the 'Information' section of the Site. The site's help section is available at the fees will become effective as announced on the Commission's page under the Information section.

6.2. iDevex has the right to receive a commission (service fee) at a rate determined by the User at each purchase and sale transaction. iDevex reserves the right to change these rates and rates from time to time.

6.3. iDevex has the right to receive a transaction fee determined by the Users in each TL withdrawal transaction. Upon acceptance and approval of this contract, the user will be deemed to have accepted the transaction fee.

6.4. Crypto money transfers are non-refundable, so commission or transaction fees allocated by iDevex are not possible and users are not entitled to a refund of these fees.

7. Privacy Policy

7.1. In the event that this contract is accepted and approved by the User, the rights and obligations arising from the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 shall be deemed to be mutually accepted by iDevex and shall act in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

7.2. iDevex is committed to not disclosing User's personal information (such as ID, invoice, address, e-mail, telephone, fax, demographic information or customer number) to third parties other than legal obligations or User's explicit consent.

7.3. The information provided by the users will not be used in any way other than the rules and purposes stated in the Usage Agreement and will not be shared with third parties.

7.4. iDevex identifies and records users' IP addresses, the models of the devices they access, the operating systems and browser information. iDevex can use these records to identify users in a general way and to collect comprehensive demographic information, to provide system and User account security, to combat counterfeiting and to comply with legal obligations.

7.5. iDevex can cooperate with various third party organizations and organizations in various ways in order to make effective use of the services and services they offer. This business association; advertising, sponsorship, permitting marketing, data sharing and other legal commercial methods. iDevex declares and undertakes to provide means to allow communication / marketing on the basis of its communication activities, not to communicate outside the User's request, to allow the User to leave the system freely and easily.

7.6. iDevex may provide links to other sites within the Site. You may publish third party advertisements and / or application forms for various services that are negotiated,

Users may be directed through these forms and advertisements to the site of the third party advertising or contracting party. iDevex carries no responsibility whatsoever for the privacy practices and policies of other sites accessed through this link, or for the content they contain.

7.7. In the following cases, iDevex will be able to disclose the information of the Users to the third parties out of the provisions of this confidentiality declaration. These situations are:

7.7.1. Law, KHK, Regulation etc. in cases where it is necessary to comply with the obligations imposed by the written rules of law issued by the competent legal authorities and in force,

7.7.2. In cases where the requirements of the agreements between iDevexx's Users and their implementation are concerned,

7.7.3. Where information is requested by Users in the direction of an investigation or inquiry conducted by the competent administrative and / or judicial authorities in accordance with its procedural method,

7.7.4. Where it is necessary to inform users in order to protect their rights or security.

7.8. iDevex considers that it is necessary to keep private information strictly private and confidential, to accept it as an obligation to keep it as a secret, to maintain and maintain confidentiality, to allow all or any part of the confidential information to enter the public domain, or to prevent unauthorized User or third party disclosure to take all the precautions and to fully demonstrate the full extent of the suffering.

8. Irresponsibility Statement

8.1. Any content presented on Site consists of data collected from 3rd parties and public open source. All data, analyzes, reports, statistics are processed and presented objectively by software that automatically processes the information without any regulation or guidance. Any news and reports submitted by iDevex; it is merely informed and referral oriented and does not carry any direct solution, conclusion, legal opinion, political or sociological research knowledge, and does not guarantee absolute accuracy. The data may be inconsistent or inconsistent. iDevex assumes no liability in such cases.


9. Applicable Law and Authority

9.1. and arising from use of the site and / or legal notice and on the terms and provisions / or the disputes that may arise in connection with the Site this Use Agreement is the basis of the Law and the Republic of Japan, Istanbul Courts are authorized.

10. Contract Amendments

10.1. iDevex unilaterally has the right to change and update all the terms and conditions contained in this disclaimer without prior notice.

11. Enforcement and Acceptance

11.1. By entering into any page of this Website you acknowledge, declare and undertake that you have read the whole of the Terms of Use, understand the content in its entirety and approve all its provisions. The Usage Agreement becomes effective on the date announced by iDevex on the Site.

11.2. Users who do not agree to the terms of the Usage Agreement must not use the Site and the services provided through the Site. iDevex can not be held responsible for damages which are otherwise born or born.