Nobody wants you to work overtime or check if you come in late in the morning. These concepts do not apply to iDev.

We do what we need to be able to do everything here. Sometimes this means that working from home sometimes means sleeping in the office.

We also dream about when iDev is not working. If you are going to be a part of a team that curves your arms and prepares you to sweat for a long time and shapes the future of your financial world.

iDev believes in bringing people to their potentials and improving people's abilities. We can not guarantee that you always have a special name for you, but if you're okay, we're ready to open a seat for you at iDev, which is rising at rocket speed. If we have open seats in the seat;


    If you know Java Script, HTML5 / CSS3, AngularJS and Websockets like the inside of your pager, / tradeDetail.html if you are having trouble creating cross-browser pages, and exhibit your capabilities in a global stock market.


    If you think it's my job to find the last error in the system, you are wondering about the answers to questions that nobody else is wondering, you are thinking outside of the standards, and if you are offering unorthodox solutions, we invite you to use the "white hat" abilities.


    It would be great if you could help us to comply legally in every country. There are also licenses we are still working on, and it would be great if you move to the finals. I think you are mistaken if you are the one who can do these things, you are very serious, and you are not competent enough to write us. Trust us, we are very serious. In iDev we do everything properly and in accordance with the rules.


    If you are proud to write high-quality and reliable C ++ code, STL, Boost, if you know the in-memory data architectures; If you have experience building "fault tolerant" systems from scratch and without third-party libraries, come help us make the world's fastest match engine. Because if we want to be the best and we want it, you are ready for the team.


    EC2 Want to work with one of the safest and most constantly tested financial systems in the world when you produce EC2 samples, configure load balancers and prevent DDoS attacks?


    If it is your job to deal with others, solve people's problems, then you can certainly come and "save the world". We have people all over the world who need your help. If you can speak other languages ​​in addition to English, you can not even believe the speed of transition to other applicants.


    If you are ready to discuss for hours, even on what purple tone is more accurate for a product design or depth chart, We take your contribution to our product. We now have more than one design process to join, including Web, PC and mobile.


    That's where all the fun is. If you want to spend all your money, conquer the digital marketing world, organize offline events, send written press releases and talk on TV, you're the right person. You'll be shocked when you see how much marketing is marketing!


    If you are keen to look at the world to look at counts and statistics, you are experienced in quantitative analysis and are concerned about creating financial models, including risk pricing and valuation modeling, coding and working with large data sets. Come and join us.


    If you can write high-quality code in Java 7/8 and you know MySQL, MongoDB, Spring, Tomcat, Redis well then come join us in our hard-working and modest (!) Java team.


    If you can write Android trading app with full featured, minimum size and network trace, come and join our Android team.


    If you can design and code a nice and functional IOS application for trading, then we have some exciting projects waiting for you.


    We may need a good writer's letter. There is a lot to write about the Crypto Exchange and iDevx. Write to us.


To apply to any of the above open positions, please send your CV and Preliminary letter to [email protected] . With the pleasure of seeing you in your team seat.