Parallel to the storage capacities of the wallets in the platform, multiple, multi-layered storage security solutions are implemented.

We divided your crypto moneybooks into microsize wallets and macro wallets.

We've deployed your micro-shot wallets, multi-tier servers with multi-layered firewall, spread across different countries.

All of our wallets have applied industry-standard multi-layered encryption storage without exception.

We have created an extra safe process in which any transaction made in our wallets will only be approved when we have completed a rigorous review and approval process through the internal control procedure.

We transferred your macro wallets, which we managed at least 95% of your contacts with a special process, and we created offline, non-hackable wallets. In the meantime, we used multi-signature ("Multi Signature") hardware with FIPS-Level 2 security level.

We also kept your Macro purses in the banks' bank by separating them into bank banks.

And we've got all of this done in less than 1 in 10 seconds.

So we can do everything to ensure your safety, we did without stealing your time.


Two-Step Verification on Each Account

Your account has been made more secure with a second authentication method called 2FA, a username and a second authentication method outside your password. multi-factor dynamic authentication mechanism (2FA) has been introduced to the service of our users in order to provide maximum security in all transactions requiring security protocol, especially sensitive transactions such as money and crypto deposits or withdrawals. You can choose SMS or Google Authentication as the second verification method. There is no charge for either method.

If you select SMS:

Your account is sent a single-use password with SMS to every login.

If you choose Google Authentication

The Google Authenticator app generates a time-limited custom password for each login. Go to the "My Account Settings" page on the Account tab to activate Google Authenticator.

Security Pictures

Strict monitoring of standards at the financial markets level is one of the most important elements for iDev. So, every time you log in to your account, a special security picture is shown to you. Even if you have been redirected to a fake site by fraudsters, you can be sure that you are in the right place when you see these security pictures that can only be found in our archives. If you think that your security policy is different, be sure to write in your browser.

Detailed Usage Movements

Each transaction related to your account is recorded so that it can not be changed in our system.

You can check your deposit and withdrawal transactions from the transfer history, your account's IP address, device type, operating system and browser information from the transaction history. Thus, the system checks whether the transactions on your account are made by you or not. It also allows you to control operations performed on your account.

Application Security

Our system has the most advanced level of software and system security in international standards and has established a unique internal risk control and operations management departments that determine and implement strict "Product Data Operation" and usage standards. These units are constantly subject to the supervision of international independent audit firms.