The technology behind our system supports fiat-crypto operation in infinite quantities. iDev initially offers the USD , BTC and ETH markets to its users and is committed to adding a new subcool to its weekly system. One of our future plans is to release a unique feature that allows crypto money traders to automatically create transactions in these markets by creating new markets with their own set of crypto-crypto transactions.


Indicators are financial instruments that enable advanced analysis. Japan had in all of absence in international stock exchanges, although this indicator are used. When you design the indicator screens as "ready-made indicator screens", the necessity of deep finance information to use these indicators arose. As iDev, we provide our users with better access to information through our ready indicator screens feature, which is not in the world of any crypto money, making it easier for them to capture investment opportunities.


The IP address is the entirety of the numbers given to your computer by your service provider when connecting to the Internet. The IP address consists of 4 sections separated by points in the ABCD format (such as With IP restriction, you can only enter iDev from the IP addresses you specify. By doing so, your account will preclude access from other devices and you will have a safer trading environment. iDev recommends using IP restrictions, especially for customers who trade in algo- rithms.


Bitcoin-based transactions, which are the dominant tool of the market, are gaining popularity as the demand for sub-coins increases every day. crypto-crypto operations without any intermediaries operating in Japan, realizes for the first time iDev.

API SUPPORT (Coming Soon)

The prominence of API support is to enable algorithmic (programming supported) processing through platforms providing API services. The key to algorithmic operations is clearly understood when looking at world stock exchanges. 99.5% of the volume of transactions in the world stock exchanges (crypto stock exchanges, money stock exchanges, stock exchanges or derivative markets) is made by computers with the help of written algorithms and this is the real source of income for brokerage houses that keep their existence by taking commissions from the volume.

At the same time, the capacity to process in terms of time and margins that human beings can not catch up with offers high-frequency traders unparalleled profitability opportunities.

API support Japan in giving users a real sense of algorithmic buying / selling is the only platform that provides the ability iDev.


Web Socket is a data transfer system that provides bi-directional data communication over a single TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) protocol that enables the Internet to perform complex communications in real time. The most important advantage of Web Socket technology is that it is very fast and does not require any intermediate writing or application between the server and the client. Web Socket provides real-time data transfer and reduces unnecessary network traffic. This makes the investment process very easy and reliable in the crypto money market where instant tracking, monitoring, seamless connectivity and fast processing are required.


Offline wallets, known as cold storage, protect your savings with maximum security. With cold storage your digital wallet is stored on computers without an internet connection, thus protecting against unauthorized access, cheerleading and other vulnerabilities created via the Internet. iDev used this cold storage to manage at least 95% of your corpses with a special process and used FIPS-Level 2 security level multi-signature ("Multi Signature") equipment. In the case of safe cold storage, human access has been completely abolished and access to this repository is protected by HSM and a system that locks itself down during any physical or virtual intervention, including natural disasters.


The interface is called surface or aisle, which mediates interaction between a software and its user. The intelligent interface is a design discipline that allows users to perform the operations they want in the easiest and fastest way possible. It is indexed to the availability of the interface how easy and how much users benefit from the software. iDev offers a full professional service with its award-winning user-friendly interface. With the interface designed to make all of your transactions easy, you can do your buying and selling and all other transactions without wasting time. iDev makes updates with great emphasis on every return it receives from its users, thus providing easier and faster access to its users


When compared to the financial world, investors need information about the transaction, process, and process because they are acquainted with crypto money markets, which are subject to less regulation. In order to avoid mistakes when users manage the investment process, users are requested to access as much as possible without any knowledge. iDev has removed these obstacles with the 24/7 live support service at this point. This way, users can access the information on the shortest path and smoothly without losing time without being connected to e-mail or phone traffic. The importance of speed, volatility is even more important in such a high market. At this point, 24/7 live support is a must for crypto money exchanges. However, in the international stock exchange transaction intensity, local stock exchanges are also unable to provide this service due to operational weakness and inexperience. iDev supports all its customers 24/7 with a full professional live support service.


The ever-increasing value of crypto money and the ever-growing volume of crypto money markets have led to the need to operate with higher limits. It can easily be said that investors need frequent entry and exit transactions on platforms, given that crypto money has instantaneous values ​​and that crypto money investors are also investing in other areas at the same time. In the market where higher limits are needed and entry and exit transactions are deducted from the account limits, the importance of the higher limits becomes even more pronounced. idevex 's financial strength allows 24/7 deposits and withdrawals to be carried out, as well as the limits of iDev 2, Five times the advanced account limits. iDev provides users with more free transaction processing experience.


The difference between the development of the platform by the service provider or the receipt of the outsourcing occurs after the platform activity has begun. The advantage of self-developed platforms is manifested by rapid intervention and seamless integration when a systemic problem is encountered or when a systematic add-on is desired. idevex , a rare platform to develop their own infrastructure in Japan. idevex 's difference here is that it does not use any open code and it has developed the platform with the latest technologies.


Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security process that requires two methods of identification. The first security step is the password. The second security step is the custom code security or SMS code approval procedure that is generated by the authentication application installed on your smartphone. The most popular authentication application is the Google Aunthanticator. The Google Aunthanticator generates a temporary 6-digit code every 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, the code expires and a new code is generated. Thus, during your check-in, a security bar is created. Your account can not be entered unless the mobile device has direct access, even if the ciphers are in danger (do not share your ciphers with respect to your security).


It is important for the user to access this platform as well as the intermediary institution which is used to instantly intervene in the instant movements of the markets. iDev offers free mobile apps to its users 24/7 to ensure instant access to the marketplace everywhere. Supported by IOS and Android, in other words, accessible from any device, iDev mobile apps allow users to make every action from their phone or tablet. Despite the peer-to-peer mobile applications that can only control the price data, it is possible to do buy / sell, stop-limit orders and even graphical analysis through the indicators in iDev mobile applications.


The Privacy Policy applies to all services related to iDev. iDev will respect and protect the privacy of all users on the platform. iDev can not disclose or disclose information to third party sources without the user's permission or for any reason not provided for by law, unless otherwise stated in this privacy policy. iDev will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy to provide you with more accurate and personalized services. When any part of the iDev platform is used, the content of this privacy policy is deemed accepted.


SegWit, created by the developer team of the bitcoin core, is an abbreviation of Segregated Witness. SegWit is a forward bitcoin block chain upgrade that all users can run without the need to update their software and create any problems.

Some of the benefits of SegWit:

1. With SegWit, it is possible to fit more Bitcoin sending operations into the same block without increasing the size of the blocks,

2. Resolving the validity problem in the process by removing the signatures from the identity data of the process and making it impossible for anyone to change the signature data,

3. Increased security for multi-signature transactions,

4. Linear scaling of signature hash operations,

5. Script file versioning

iDev is one one of the first stock market started to segwit adaptation in Japan.

CALL CENTER (Coming Soon)

One of the most important points that separated from all other iDev the stock market also have the call center of a crypto-currency market for the first time in Japan and one to one customer over the phone is providing live support. iDev has a unique position in the sector with its call center service as well as live support services when it is considered that the most important thing people have noticed when choosing a brokerage house in the new crypto money markets.