From time to time, iDev receives information requests from customers around the world on law enforcement. This page is for you and your law enforcement officials to give you information on how these requests are handled.

When the law is passed by iDev, law enforcement agencies usually deal with two types of data: information about customers' identities and trade activities.

When information requests are received, iDev asks them to accompany the process with the appropriate legal process. It can change from one place to another. for example, production orders, search warrants and court orders may be sufficient for the legal process. iDev inspects each order to determine that it has a valid legal basis and states that any response is specifically tailored to ensure that only the law enforcement data is provided.

iDev also reserves the right to disclose to the authorities to protect itself, its affiliates and customers.

iDev welcomes the questions of law enforcement officers on policies and procedures. Please contact [email protected] with iDev here.