Cookie Policy

iDev technology Inc ("iDev"), we are working to protect the privacy of those who use our site in order to ensure that our users benefit from our services safely and completely. Like most web sites, ("Site") and the mobile application (all together referred to as the "Platform") use cookies to display personalized content and advertisements to visitors, perform analytical activities on the site, and track visitor usage habits.

The ibi Cookie Policy is an integral part of Privacy Policy.

iDev has prepared this Cookie Policy ("Policy") to explain what cookies are used on the Site and how users can manage their preferences in this regard. For more detailed information on the processing of your personal data by iDev, we recommend that you review the Privacy Policy at

What is Cookie ("Cookie")?

Cookies are small text files stored on your device or network server through browsers by Internet sites you visit. Cookies are created by the servers associated with the website you visit. This way, when the visitor visits the same site, the server can understand it.

Cookies do not contain personal data such as names, surnames or addresses related to visitors. For more information on cookies, visit and

Which Cookies Are Used?

Cookies can be categorized in terms of their ownership, lifetime and usage:

Platform cookies and third party cookies are used according to the side that places the cookie. While platform cookies are being created by iDev, third-party cookies are managed by different companies that work with iDev.

Session cookies and persistent cookies are used, depending on how active they are. Session cookies can be deleted while your visitor leaves the Platform, while persistent cookies can stay on your device for a variety of periods depending on the usage area.

For purposes of use, the Platform uses technical cookies, verification cookies, targeting / advertising cookies, personalization cookies, and analytics cookies.

Why are Cookies Used?

On the platform, cookies are used for the following purposes:

To perform the basic functions necessary for the platform to work. for example, the logged-in iDev members do not have to re-enter passwords when visiting different pages on the Platform.

Analyze the platform and improve its performance. for example, integrating the different servers that the Platform is working on, identifying the number of visitors to the platform, and adjusting performance settings or finding out what they are looking for.

Increase the functionality of the platform and provide ease of use. remember, for example, that the visitor who visited the Platform had already arrived on his next visit.

- Carry out personalization, targeting and advertising activities. for example, showing ads to visitors who have not registered or have not completed their registration.

How to Manage Your Cookie Preferences

iDev is extremely concerned that users can use their preferences on their own personal data. However, preference management is not possible for certain cookies that are mandatory for the Site to work. We also want to remind you that the various functions of the Site may not work if some cookies are closed.

The information about how preferences for cookies used in the platform can be managed is as follows:

Visitors have the ability to personalize their preferences for cookies by changing the browser settings they view the Platform. If the browser being used offers this capability, it is possible to change preferences for cookies via browser settings. Thus, although the browser may vary according to what it offers, data owners have the option of preventing cookies from being used, choosing to be alerted before the cookie is used, or simply disabling or deleting some cookies. While the preferences in this topic vary depending on the browser used, a general description can be found at preferences for cookies may need to be made separately for each device for which the visitor has access to the Platform.

To close cookies managed by Google Analytics,

To manage the personalized ad experience provided by Google, visit

For the cookies that many companies use for their advertising activity, preferences can be managed through your Online Choices

The mobile device's settings menu can be used to manage cookies via mobile devices.

What Rights Do You Have?

Pursuant to Article 11 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, by applying to iDev,

Learning whether personal data is processed or not,

Requesting information on personal data if it has been processed,

Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used appropriately for their purpose,

Knowing the third parties to which personal data are transferred in Japan or abroad,

Requesting that personal data be corrected if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed and requesting that third parties be notified of the transaction carried out in this context,

Requesting that personal data be erased or destroyed in the event that the reason for its processing is not fulfilled despite the fact that it has been processed in accordance with the provisions of the Law and other relevant laws, and requesting that the process carried out in this context be notified to third parties,

Objecting to the appearance of a result against the person himself by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,

Claiming that the damage should be eliminated in the event of injury due to the processing of personal data in violation of the law rights.

haklarına sahiptir.

Such rights shall be assessed and finalized within 30 (thirty) days in any case provided by personal data owners in accordance with the methods specified in the Policy on the Processing and Protection of Personal Data prepared by iDev under Law No. 6698. iDev reserves the right to charge fees on a tariff basis as determined by the Protection Committee for Personal Data, provided that no fees are to be claimed for claims.

Changes in Consent and Privacy Policy

iDev, with its Privacy Policy ("Policy"), aims to provide its users with a detailed description of the scope and purpose of the use of cookies and to inform users about cookie preferences. In this respect, it is accepted that the cookie informing notice contained in the Platform is closed and the use of the cookie is consented to if the Site continues to be used. It is always possible for users to change cookie preferences.

iDev can change the time it wishes the Policy provisions. The current Policy shall take effect on the date published in the Platform. This policy was last changed on 27.03.2018.