Faster Than Others.

IDEV EXCHANGE Promise,the fastest experiment.


iDevex offers a worldwide experience in buying and selling crypto to individuals and businesses. iDevex is positioned as sectorleader thanks to its fast trading, secure transaction, invitation bonus, stable wallets and 24/7 customer support features. Both fiat-crypto and crypto-crypto your local partner in all your trading.

Safe. Stable. Secure.

We use ColdStorage for crypt asset immidiatly.thats why we will safe and secure.

Why iDevex technolabs?

2FA Double Stage Verification

The first security step is the password.The second security step is the custom code security or SMS code approval procedure that is generated by the authentication application installed on your smartphone.

Indicator Supported Graph

With more than 70 indicators, iDevex enables users to perform the most detailed analysis.

Crypto-Crypto Transaction Support

Users have the freedom to perform not only Money-Crypto but also Crypto-Crypto transactions with the crypto money they will put into the system at the same time.

7/24 Deposit-Withdrawal

Users have the freedom to withdraw their money in the system instantly when they want it throughout 7/24.

API Support for Algorithmic Processing

The API allows you to make transactions through algorithmic platform that offers services and iDevex, API support, giving users a algorithmic buying / selling bears the distinction of being the ability to provide a single platform.

Faster Reliable Operation with WebSocket Support

It is a data transfer system that provides bi-directional data communication over TCP protocol and reduces unnecessary network traffic with real time data transfer, which provides instant follow-up and seamless connection, fast operation support.

Safe Cold Storage

They are offline wallets and protect your savings with the highest security. Human access is abolished and HSM is a system that fixes itself during any physical or virtual intervention, including natural disasters.

Faster Blockchain Transfers with Segwit

Created by the developer team of Bitcoin Core. SegWit is a forward bitcoin block chain upgrade that all users can run without the need to update their software and create any problems.

24/7 Live Support24/7 Live Support

Users will be able to take action quickly with the slightest problem that they will meet and ensure that they receive 24/7 support from expert cadres in any case they want.

Call center

the first time to have a call center of a crypto currency exchange and one to one customer stands out as one of our privilege to provide live support.

Sector Average 5 Solid High Limits

limits are 2.5 times the account limits approved on similar platforms, 5 times the advanced account limits.

100% System Security with In-House Coding

One of the important advantages that no open code is used and that the platform is developed with the latest technologies.

Award-winning User Friendly Interface

Our interface is designed to make it easy and fast for users to perform the operations they want.

100% Privacy with Industry Standard Encryption Protocol

We use encryption Protocol for sending and messaging datas