Trading and financing transactions in digital markers involve certain risks. This risk disclosure statement does not disclose or disclose all risks and other factors that are involved in trading or engaging in this transaction, including financing or financed transactions in digital markers. Risks include, but are not limited to:

1. Market risk: Market is still new and uncertain for digital markers. No one should deposit money into digital markers that are not completely ready to lose or speculate on digital markers. It is not known whether the market for one or more digital tokens will move up or down, or whether it will lose the value of a particular digital indicator or a significant amount of its value. This is true both for long-time traders and for traders who have restricted the market. Participants should be careful about keeping digital markers.

2. Liquidity and List Risks: Markets in digital markers have liquidity at varying degrees. Some are quite fluid, others are more crenaded. Slim markets can increase volatility. Digital markers or products are derived from or help them. There is no guarantee that it will be an active market for you. Also, any market for markers can suddenly appear and disappear. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Any digital token is subject to deletion without prior notice or approval.

3. Legal Risk: The legal status of some digital markers may be uncertain. This may mean that the legacy of having them or doing business is not always clear. It may appear ambiguous whether one or more digital markers, goods or entities, or any type of entity is present or not. Participants are responsible for knowing and being aware of how digital markers will be handled, arranged and taxed according to current laws.

4. Currency Risk (Counterparty Risk): There is a risk that any digital markers may be a third-party custodial bond or collateral. These risks include breaches of security, risk of breach of contract, and risk of loss. Participants should be able to keep their goods in their possession for any reason.

5. Trading Risks: In addition to liquidity risks, the value of any digital token market varies and may shift quickly. Participants in any digital marketer market were warned about their attention to their situation and business and how they were affected by sudden and negative changes in trade and other market activities.

6. Risks Associated with Financing Activities: When you finance the purchase or sale of digital markers between peers, you risk losing your financing. (for example, the market price of digital tokens you buy with financing falls). Participants should be familiar with trade strategies and other market and risk factors.